Can You Drink Alcohol After Botox?


Can you drink alcohol after botox? How long does it take to drink alcohol after having botox? Is it bad for your body to drink alcohol after botox? What is the best option to do after botox?

To be able to answer the question can you drink alcohol after botox, you should know what botox is. Botox is the process of injecting certain parts of your body, especially your face. What the injections does is to block specific signals from nerves. These nerves contract with muscles. Some of the facial muscles can cause wrinkles by time. The wrinkles occur mostly in forehead and around the eyes. The botox injections is mend to relax those facial muscles. The effect of the botox is temporary.

What to Do and What not to Do After Having Botox?

Can you drink alcohol after botox? Can you do exercises? Can you sleep? Can you eat? Can you go out? When one considers of having botox, lots of questions may pop into his or her head.

Having cosmetic injections is a delicate process such as laser hair removal, body contouring or dermal fillers. In this case it is very important to pay attention to skin care.

Can you drink alcohol after botox? No, you can not. You should avoid drinking alcohol for at least a few days. More importantly, you should not consume alcohol 24 hours before your botox treatment, because alcohol consumption causes bruising.

After botox, you can continue your daily life. You do not have to take the time of from your work or your school. However, you should not wear any make up, or you should not do any exercises for a few days.

Sitting up for at least 4 to 5 hours is essential for your blood vessels to recover itself. A few days after botox, you can even spoil yourself with med spa services. You can even get rid of your dry skin thanks to it.

How Long Does It Take for Me to Take Alcohol After Botox?

Can you drink alcohol after botox? If this is the question what keep you away from botox, do not worry. You need to avoid alcohol for just a couple of days. To see the results, you need to be patient. After a couple of days, you can view your new face across a mirror when you drink wine.

To sum up, can you drink alcohol after botox? Yes, you can. But, not before a couple of days past the treatment.

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