Do You Know Kickstart Caffeine Amount?


Kickstart caffeine ratio is often compared to popular energy drinks such as Redbull and Monster. Kickstart, the energy drink released by Mountain Dew, is not yet as popular as its competitors. Kickstart, which is usually sold in places such as gas stations or county stores, has also started to attract attention with its content.

In this article, we investigated what you need to know about Kickstart caffeine.

What Are Kickstart Caffeine Ingredients?

Kickstart caffeine is actually similar to other energy drinks. Kickstart energy drink consists of three basic ingredients such as grape, orange juice, and corn syrup. In addition to these organic substances, the beverage also contains chemicals such as citric acid, potassium sorbate, and ascorbic acid.

Kickstart caffeine rate is also frequently compared to other energy drinks. This comparison often causes warnings such as “mountain dew kickstart bad for you“. So let’s take a closer look at mountain dew kickstart nutrition and other content.

1- Sugar Amount

Mountain Dew Kickstart sugar ratio consists of high fructose corn syrup, and some chemicals. Although this intense sugar rate is not suitable for human health, it can also trigger many diseases. In particular, a high fructose ratio may play a role in triggering diabetes, obesity, and some metabolic disorders.

Kickstart, which is also very high in terms of refined sugar, draws attention with its weight gain effect. The energy drink has the capacity to give energy thanks to its intense refined sugar content. In other words, it is recommended that you do not show interest in energy drinks that are claimed to be sugar-free.

2- Kickstart Caffeine Amount

Kickstart caffeine rate is quite low compared to energy drinks such as Redbull or Monster. There is an average of 90 mg of caffeine in a can. This is actually a very low rate when compared to other energy drinks. Other popular energy drinks contain an average of 120 mg of caffeine.

Although the Kickstart caffeine rate is quite low, caffeine is thought to be synthetic. No clear caffeine information was provided for Kickstart when some energy drinks use green tea caffeine extracts.

Kickstart is a beverage that has just begun to gain ground in the energy drinks class. The low rate of caffeine has undoubtedly made this drink less popular than its competitors. But still, it would be right to take Kickstart into the energy drink class. The drink has an energizing structure and offers the effect of keeping you awake for a few hours.

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