Best Tips for Starting a Drive Thru Coffee Stand 2022

Drive thru Coffee

If you want to start a drive thru coffee stand business, you can do it by using the common retail concept or by learning the details.

Drive thru coffee shops usually have two service windows and are highly preferred by customers. It’s simple, the customer comes to the shop in his car and quickly gets his food or coffee. In this way, the way for quick profits can be opened for the company and the customer.

Drive thru coffee stands may differ in design and size, but they are suitable for customers because they do not need to leave their car. But of course, anyone who wants can order by getting out of his car. That’s why the design may vary from one driver to another for the customer.

When you want to set up a Drive thru coffee business, you can earn more money than traditional coffee shops. In traditional coffee shops, customers especially like to spend their time in the shop and you earn as the order comes. But when you have this kind of shop, you can have more customers with the quick order option.

Do You Really Need to Start the Drive Thru Coffee Stand?

You need to have some ideas to start drive thru coffee stand. These are generally mental preparation, cost calculations and suggestions. It is important to establish a successful business because it will be simpler to get ahead of your competitors in every detail. Be sure, factors such as a well-planned business plan, equipment, location will accelerate your work quite a lot.

As a popular business concept, Drive thru coffee can be used anywhere from suburbs to small towns or cities. If the number of vehicles in your location is high, your potential to be successful is higher than other coffees. Especially those who want to earn a lot of money at low cost is the business model they prefer in the first place.

If you can attract heavy coffee drinkers, you can earn high incomes with low cost. Not many, 50 years ago, there were hamburger stands sold on the roadside. There weren’t many drivers back then, but the demand was still high. Now you have more advantages than this and you can choose it because of the low cost.

Before establishing a drive thru coffee business, you need to learn some details and get advice on how to implement these plans. So you can easily find ways to optimize your business.

Why Drive Thru Coffee Stand Fails?

When you want to open any drive thru coffee business, there may be many people like you who opened and failed. The biggest reason for these is the lack of an inadequate business plan. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to move forward after a poorly executed plan and all hope may be lost.

In addition to the business plan, situations such as lack of preparation, cost calculation errors can reduce sales and you may encounter involuntary situations. Since it requires low cost compared to traditional coffee shops, the business can fail after the person’s business strategies are wrong due to overconfidence.

In short, most shopkeepers think that they will get rich fast after opening a coffee shop. However, most businesses take years to realize their real earnings. However, if you do not pay attention as we mentioned above, situations such as excessive self-confidence, anger, lack of business plan, budget can quickly bring the end of your business.

How to Open a Successful Drive Thru Coffee Stand in 5 Steps?

Being the best Drive thru coffee business is hard, but you can do these things to become a successful coffee business. Remember, there are many businesses like you, of course, you will have competitors. So by using these steps, there is no option for you not to open your Drive thru coffee stand more quickly.

1.      Identifying the Drive Thru Coffee Stand Concept

When you want to set up a coffee shop, first of all, it is how it will be seen by customers. So you have to have a vision and a concept so you can decide what kind of thing you’re going to build. The best way to do this is to write down all the things you want to do first, by jotting down a piece of paper.

Write down all the information about your business concept on paper and compare it with all the ideas that come to your mind. If you don’t know where to find ideas, you can do your market research by going to websites or shops of other brands. In this way, you will have the chance to personally experience who your competitors are and how they produce products.

2.      Create yourself a business plan

If you want to set up a successful Drive thru Coffee stand, the first priority is to prepare a business plan. This will help you determine how to run and develop your business and next steps. In this way, you will be able to reach your dream job in a short time by acting in a planned manner.

Creating a business plan makes it easier for you to save money, avoid mistakes, ease your cost calculation, and your customer potential. It also helps you to keep your work in a certain order and more stress-free.

3.      Improving Your Coffee Menu

When setting up a drive thru coffee stand, the menus you will sell to customers are important. If you sell only one type of coffee, your customers may stop visiting you after a certain period of time. That’s why the menu is important and can allow you to sell extra products alongside the coffee.

Preparing a menu affects your barista count for your workflow. When you prepare a menu for your coffee stand, you can identify potential customers and prepare accordingly. For example, some customers may only want to buy drinks, while others may want to take food with them. If you’re undecided about your menu, you can add the following top-rated drinks:

  • Water and soda
  • Energy drinks
  • Freshly squeezed juices
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Decaffeinated drinks
  • Cold coffees
  • Latte, espresso-like coffees

4.      Finding a Great Location for Drive Thru Coffee

It is important to find a location on a busy street to set up a drive thru coffee stand. Compared to traditional coffee shops, your business may be out of town, but that doesn’t matter because your first priority should be drivers. If you want to become a successful coffee seller, it is important to know that position is very important and will affect your subsequent earnings.

Of course, your budget may not be enough to open drive thru coffee on a busy street. If you want to be a successful coffee seller, even if your budget is limited, you can choose the right place by using the following features:

  • Current competition
  • Healthy and continuous potential customer areas
  • Monthly costs
  • Accessibility
  • Security
  • Advanced traffic

5.      Compare Drive Thru Coffee Shops

If you want to be your place like a successful coffee shops chattanooga, it’s important to tour your competitors. Go to the coffee shops around you and analyze everything like service counters, staff, menus, customer relations. If you have trouble finding coffee shops, you can easily find them from places like the Yelp app and visit them easily.

When you go to any shop, observe how the employees and shopkeeper treat customers during rush hour. In the meantime, you can do all your analysis, such as which menus the customers choose and whether they are looking for different options. Ask yourself at least 3 of the following questions about your competition:

  • How does your competitor work during rush hour?
  • How can you draw attention to yourself?
  • What will be different for you?
  • What do you think is wrong with your opponent?
  • How good do you think the shop design is?
  • Do customers come to the shop for the menu or because they love it?
  • Where do potential customers come from?

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