How to Make Turkish Coffee? Benefits of Turkish coffee


How to make Turkish coffee, one of the world’s most popular flavors? What are the benefits of Turkish coffee? Here are all the details…

Turkish coffee, which is among the most important symbols of the cuisine of the Ottoman Empire, has managed to come to our conversations without losing its value since then. So much so that we consume Turkish coffee before meals, after meals, or even during our short meetings.

What are the Benefits of Turkish Coffee? How is Turkish Coffee Made?

How to make Turkish coffee, one of the world’s most popular flavors? What are the benefits of Turkish coffee? Here are all the details…
• Making Turkish coffee is the easiest energizer. It keeps you awake and supports you during your busy working periods.
• Making Turkish coffee after a meal is almost a ritual, the biggest reason for this is that it helps to relax indigestion.
• It helps to reduce the effects of depression and is effective in relieving stress.
• It is one of our socialization tools with Turkish coffee making and conversations.
• It supports fat burning by accelerating metabolism.
• The grounds left at the bottom of the coffee pot or the bottom of the cup can be used for peeling Turkish coffee.
• It can be used to remove bad odors from your refrigerator or cupboards.
• You can also make your hair look shiny with the masks you will prepare using coffee grounds.
• You can also use the residues leftover from making Turkish coffee as fertilizer at the bottom of your plants.

How Many Calories Are in Turkish Coffee with Plenty of Foam?

Although Turkish coffee looks like a very strong drink in the cup, it is diet-friendly with low calories! 1 cup of unsweetened Turkish coffee is only 7 calories.

How to Make Turkish Coffee with Plenty of Foam?

Ingredients for 4 people, plenty of foamy Turkish coffee for the question that how to make Turkish coffee?

• 8 teaspoons of Turkish coffee
• 300 ml of cold drinking water

How to Make Turkish Coffee with Plenty of Foam?

Firstly, coffee, if it is to be made with sugar, sugar, and water is added to the coffee pot and taken to the stove. Stir the coffee (and sugar, if you have added it) one turn with the water so that it is thoroughly wetted and dissolved. Open the bottom of the coffee pot and cook on low heat until you see foam on it.

When it starts to boil but before it overflows, take it off the heat and distribute the coffee foam evenly into the cups. Boil the remaining coffee in the coffee pot one more time and distribute it to the cups.

How to Make Turkish Coffee for 2 Persons?

Use 2 teaspoons or 1 teaspoon of coffee per person. Mix the coffee, water, and sugar before putting the coffee pot on the stove. Put your coffee pot on the small burner of your stove and wait for it to foam on low heat.
Preparation: Put coffee and sugar in the coffee pot. Let it stand on low heat until the foam on the surface slightly bubbles.

How Should Coffee Be Stored?

The most basic way to protect Turkish coffee from mold and staleness is sugar. The container in which you store the coffee must be glass. When you keep sugar cubes in a glass jar, you will prevent the coffee from getting stale. It will be enough to put about 5 cubes of sugar into a medium-sized jar.

How to Clean Coffee?

It should be placed in a jar in a packaged state. The most important way to prevent coffee from getting stale is to keep it closed. If stored in an airtight container, the coffee will go stale within 24 hours at the most. To avoid this situation, you should store your coffee in a jar with the package.

Do not keep it in the refrigerator
The idea of ​​storing coffee in the refrigerator to prevent it from going stale is wrong. Your cabinet is humid areas and over time it will cause moisture in your coffee. Moreover, it will not only go stale but will become lumpy and moldy over time.

Coffee bean
Another way to prevent your coffee from getting stale is to add unground coffee beans. Added 4 coffee beans in a medium-sized jar will not only make its odor permanent but also prevent it from getting stale.

To sum up, the answer of the question that how to make Turkish coffee is so easy for everyone. If you want to drink a delicious coffee, you can learn how to make Turkish coffee.

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