How to Cook Starbucks Colombia Coffee in a Best Way?


Starbucks Colombia Coffee is one of the most delicious medium roasted coffee with nutty and mellow tastes. Combining these aromas makes the coffee lovers put on the top of the highest mountain with pleasure. How to make Colombia Coffee is a question for coffee lovers. Let’s find the correct answer together.

1 – What is Starbucks Colombia Coffee? How to make Colombia Coffee? 

Starbucks Colombia Coffee is a medium roasted Arabica coffee bean in which you can taste both the rich and smooth flavor of the coffee. Starbucks coffee can be the best way of awakening in the mornings for morning sleepers.

How to make Colombia Coffee? Let’s see it step by step:

  • Insert and secure filter paper into the AeroPress.
  • Rinse AeroPress, cup and filter with hot water.
  • Add 15gr of fine ground coffee; it should be more acceptable than V60 to the AeroPress chamber.
  • Pour in hot water up to 200ml and stir the ground coffee.
  • Insert the plunger and wait 30 seconds.
  • Press down the plunger gently.

 Bon Appetite!

Starbucks Colombia Coffee History

Coffee was brought to Colombia by Spanish settlers for the first time in 1700. Thanks to the available climate and nature, the crops adapted to the country quickly. So Starbucks Colombia Coffee history began.

Since 1971, throughout Starbucks Colombia coffee history, Starbucks has been purchasing Colombia coffee product from Colombia. So far, Starbucks Colombia coffee has been purchased from the eight regions of Colombia countryStarbucks is the unique company that supplies the most high-quality Arabica coffee when it is compared to others.

How Do You Use Colombia Coffee?

Starbucks Colombia coffee is the most delicious Starbucks Colombia coffee rather than other coffee brands. Moreover, the brewing technique needs a special interest to have a delightful coffee drink. There are some kinds of brewing technique terms such as; AeroPress, Moka pots, french press, espresso roast, V60, Syphon, Chemex, Kalita. All these kinds of coffee roasters have a unique shape and technique to brew coffee. There are some tips to drink a genuine coffee:

Home Grinder 

Be careful about using coffee grinders, and be sure that you can grind your whole bean coffee from fine to coarse ground. It should also produce a consistent grind.


If you use mineral water or filtered water, you will have a delicious hot coffee or iced coffee.


Water should be at a stable temperature between 90 – 96 degrees. And the cup that you will drink your coffee with should be pre-heated.

To have a fresh coffee sense, you should protect your coffee correctly. You should consume it in a short time, not more than three weeks. And also, do not put the coffee into the fridge or freezer. 

Is Colombia Coffee Strong?

There are two types of coffee beans like Arabica and Robusta. Starbucks Colombia coffee is an Arabica Coffee, and when it is compared to the usual coffees, it is not stronger, but weaker than othersArabica beans are accepted as high-quality coffee beans, and Arabica beans are a bit lighter than Robusta. We should accept that the duration of brewing or roasting may affect the taste of and affect of the coffee. So, being strong coffee depends on the strength. But even if it is light or dark roasted, you will get pleasure while drinking.

Also, the caffeine ratio also determines the effect of the coffee as strong or not. Then, let’s see how much caffeine in Starbucks Via Instant Colombia? Starbucks Colombia instant coffee caffeine contains 16.88 mg of caffeine per fl oz. When we compare to the other drinks, how much caffeine in Starbucks Via Instant Colombia ? Starbucks Colombia instant coffee caffeine is not too much when we compare it to the others.

 Is Colombia Coffee Suitable For Your Health?

How do you prefer your coffee? Do you like black or sweetened or milk. The choice of your coffee has some effects on your health. There is several significant benefits of drinking black coffee, and the best choice for drinking is Starbucks Colombia Coffee.

What are the benefits of Starbucks Colombia Coffee?

  • Coffee boosts memory
  • Coffee aids in weight loss
  • Coffee can reduce the risk of cancer
  • Coffee can reduce the risk of diabetes
  • Coffee contains antioxidants and nutrients

 When we search about Starbucks Colombia coffee calories, we see that drinking black coffee contains just two calories. If you want to add an extra sweetener like sugar, milk, or cream, you cause your Starbucks Colombia Coffee calories to be higher. If you brew your coffee from decaffeinated beans, Starbucks Colombia Coffee count reduces to zero.

How much caffeine in Starbucks Via Instant Colombia? Starbucks Colombia instant coffee doesn’t contain too much caffeine to be dangerous for the health.

How To Cook Starbucks Colombia Coffee?

Starbucks Colombia coffee can be prepared in a lot of ways. You can also prepare it on the stove. So, how to make Colombia Coffee on the stove? It is a very different experiment. Let’s see it together.


  • Heat water on your stovetop. A small pot or tea kettle is suitable. 
  • Add 1-2 heaping tablespoons of ground coffee per 8 oz. of water.
  • Remove the mixture from the heat and cover. 
  • Stir the coffee.
  • Pour the coffee into your mug carefully.

Bon appetite!

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