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How Much is Bulletproof Protein Coffee?

How Much is Bulletproof Protein Coffee?
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Bulletproof protein coffee is a drink that attracts attention with its different content and is also suitable for the Keto diet. Especially Bulletproof Coffee with Collagen is a coffee that can be consumed comfortably by everyone. This coffee, which tastes like a cold brew latte, also contains collagen as an extra. We wanted to prepare an article about these drinks based on the popularity of bulletproof protein coffee varieties.

What is Bulletproof Protein Coffee?

Bulletproof protein coffee is a coffee that is similar to the latte recipe and is very suitable for the diet period. There are also ready-made versions of this recipe that you can prepare yourself at home. It is recommended that people who are trying to eat a protein-based diet should also take a look at the collagen-containing coffees produced under the Bulletproof brand.

Bulletproof protein coffee is one of the drinks that should be consumed frequently in the keto diet. This coffee, which is usually prepared with butter, is also very high in protein. You can prepare your coffee at home by purchasing additional products such as protein coffee creamer and Ghee. For the Bulletproof protein shake recipe, you can use the amounts written on the products you buy.


How Much is Bulletproof Protein Coffee Price?

Bulletproof coffee is also offered for sale in packages consisting of 12 tin cans. The price of coffee, which is sold in packs of 12, also varies between $ 35 and $ 40. You can also order bulletproof protein coffee 12 packs from the brand’s website.

For recipes that you can make at home in the form of protein coffee smoothies, you also need to purchase some additional materials. For example, Bulletproof Original Ground Coffee is around $15, while for creamer you have to pay $25. In addition, it will be enough to pay around $ 25 for Ghee and MCT oil.

We recommend you to take a look at homemade recipes for Bulletproof, which is also considered keto protein coffee. In particular, you can also benefit from bulletproof protein coffee recipe TikTok videos.

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