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Data Science Solutions with Leveragai Power

Data Science Solutions with Leveragai Power
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Leveragai is a young and dynamic company that is coming to shine in data science. As a California, USA company, it always provides services with passionate teams in domain-based data science bootcamp areas.

The company also offers the necessary support in these areas to both data science enthusiasts and various companies. You can contact Leveragai teams to both receive service and participate in training.

What Does Leveragai Do?

leveragaiThe teams working in the company generally state that they focus on the following four areas:

  • Data science solutions
  • Data science bootcamp
  • Technical data science and analytics interviews
  • Experience building program

In addition to all these, the company offers the necessary support to those who want to improve themselves in the mentioned areas. Leveragai offers effective facilitating services for both companies and students.

All these services have been combined with the company’s vision and mission and have been rendered of high quality. Although the company is new in the industry, the founders and teams are composed of people who have been active in data science for a long time.

What is Leveragai’s Mission?

In fact, the company’s mission reveals itself in every service it provides. One of the company’s main goals is to satisfy data science enthusiasts. Anyone who dedicates or wants to dedicate themselves to this field can achieve their goals, thanks to Leveragai.

The company supports other companies that provide services in related fields but seek external support. For example, the company offers the AI-Based Business Improvement Program for different companies to move themselves forward.


In addition to all the missions mentioned above, the company helps other companies find the right individuals. So how do they do this? The company, which can conduct technical data science and data analytics interviews, ensures that well-equipped individuals are recruited to the companies they serve.

What is Leveragai’s Vision?

The company’s vision includes a number of services for both individuals and companies. For example, the Data Science for Finance service offers finance departments an innovative and facilitating effect. As you know, data science is needed in almost every field. In this way, it is aimed for companies to carry out their business more effectively and quickly.

Another vision of the company is to contribute to the recruitment process of the right individuals. Companies can get support from Leveragai teams to make better decisions in their recruitment processes. For example, support can be obtained from the company in identifying people with equipment in the Data Science Healthcare field.

leveragaiSo Why Should You Choose Leveragai?

Leveragai, with its young and dynamic staff, provides you with the necessary support in many areas, especially data science. Even though the company was founded in 2023, it has experienced people. Everyone in the company is already highly educated and data science experts. Therefore, there is no reason why you should not benefit from the company’s services in the areas mentioned above.

Leveragai also offers you the opportunity to receive training and work within the company as a mentor. If your application is accepted, you can work as a mentor in areas such as data science within the company. Of course, your education and experience must be sufficient for this.

leveragaiIf you are a company owner and need people who are experts in the field of data science, Leveragai will help you with this, too. The company involved in your recruitment processes will ensure that you make the best decision. Of course, while doing this, there is no interference in your internal affairs. You can only receive consultancy and training support from the company in areas you deem appropriate.





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