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The Official Bubble Trailer is Released


The Bubble trailer has been released. Directed by Judd Apatow, the production is about the adventure of completing the films of a group of actors who were stuck in the hotel during the pandemic period.
The Bubble trailer has been released. Judd Apatow’s upcoming comedy film to be released on Netflix brings together actors such as Pedro Pascal, Karen Gillan and Leslie Mann.

bubble-trailerThe Official Bubble Trailer is Released

Netflix is ​​preparing to answer the question of what it is like to shoot movies with huge budgets during pandemic restrictions. The Bubble takes place in a very familiar environment in a hotel where a group of players are stranded due to the Coronavirus quarantine. As the team tries to complete their unfinished film in their isolated hotel, they find themselves in the middle of an uphill battle.

The production follows the actors as they try to shoot the completely fictional Jurassic Park-esque film series Cliff Beasts. (More specifically, they’re filming Cliff Beasts 6: Battle for Everest: Memories of a Requim, the sixth installment of the 23rd Dino franchise, in the movie-within-a-movie.)

The Bubble Trailer – WATCH | New Netflix Movie

Cliff Beasts 6, the movie inside The Bubble, focuses on a dinosaur species that threatens humankind. The team is forced to regroup to fight the “Abyss Monsters”. This time, however, the meeting has to take place on Mount Everest.

Directed by Judd Apatow, known for productions such as Girls, Knocker Up, The King of Staten Island and The 40 Year-Old Virgin. Apatow is also writing the script for the movie. He is accompanied by Pam Brady, the screenwriter of South Park and Team America: World Police.

Apatow, who won 2 Primetime Emmys, has been nominated for an award in different categories since 1993.

The cast of the production includes names such as Karen Gillan, Iris Apatow, Fred Armisen, Maria Bakalova, David Duchovny, Keegan-Michael Key, Leslie Mann, Pedro Pascal and Peter Serafinowicz.

The executive producers of the film are Barry Mendel, Donald Sabourin and Pam Brady. Director Judd Apatow also contributes to the production of the film with his own production company, Apatow Productions.

The Bubble movie will be released on April 1, 2022. Netflix, inspired by the release date of the movie, released a separate trailer for Cliff Beasts 6 and made a small April 1 joke to the audience.

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