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Top 12 Coffee Shops Omaha?

Top 12 Coffee Shops Omaha?
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Are you searching coffee shops Omaha? Then you are about to discover this amazing place. The city of Omaha in Nebraska is one of the places to visit. It is an attraction here with historical sites, great views, a variety of activities, restaurants, and coffee shops.

Coffee shops Omaha brew delicious and fresh coffee. They usually get the freshest coffee beans in agreement with the farmers. They roast and package their coffee with care.

Making coffee is art here. The top of the coffee mugs is decorated with foam-painted designs. Baristas ensure the coffee is on par with this design.

Drinking coffee in Omaha is a different experience. You can choose between Omaha coffee shops to have this experience. Here are the best coffee shops Omaha list:

Top 12 Coffee Shops Omaha

A coffee break is essential, as Omaha is a great place to travel and have fun. Already, delicious coffee has become a part of the city.

At the same time, Omaha is a student city. That’s why coffee shops have big tables and lots of lights. Shops are open until late.

In a city where coffee is so important, good coffee shops are inevitable. So what are the best coffee shops Omaha ?

1- Hardy Coffee Company

Hardy Coffee is one of those downtown coffee shops Omaha . It offers homemade products. Besides coffees, it sells a variety of teas and breakfast foods. The place is very spacious and comfortable. There are many tables, seating, and free wifi.

It makes specialty coffees other than known coffees. Coffees are crowned with various flavors and syrups. There are many milk options. Breakfast includes items such as sandwiches, parfait, granola, and oatmeal. Here, everything is healthy and organic.

2- Accelerando Coffee House : Coffee Shops Omaha

It is one of those artisanal coffee shops Omaha . The owners of the place are Candace and Cody Jorgensen. They are the local musicians of the Omaha Conservatory of Music.

For them, making the perfect coffee is an art. It aims to bring the community together. People recharge and get creative here. It offers many flavors from espresso to Chemex. The scent of freshly roasted coffee beans is seductive.

Apart from coffee drinks, food is available for breakfast, brunch, and lunch. Pastries, sandwiches, cakes, and more. You can find many things you are looking for in a cafe here.

3- Zen Coffee Company

Zen Coffee is a family-run local coffee shop. It aims to spread the love of coffee and the environment. It has a green certificate.

The space is comfortable and bright. It gets light with its large windows. Naturalness is at the forefront in its ambiance. There are great views, natural light, floral wallpapers, and art for sale.

It offers a variety of drinks according to the season. Delicious and specialty coffees are available. It serves different flavors like lavender lemonade. Also, ice cream and pastries are sold.

coffee-shops-omaha4- 13th Street Coffee

13th Street is one of the popular coffee shops Omaha . It is located in the old market district of Omaha. It is a small and cozy cafe. Previously, it was a school coffee house.

This café has comfortable seating. The atmosphere is warm and attractive. The walls are decorated with local artwork. It also organizes frequent artistic events such as live music.

It sells espresso drinks, teas, baked goods, and ice creams. How about a delicious latte or a croissant? You should try the handmade flavors here.

5- Archetype Coffee

Archetype was incorporated into coffee shops Omaha in 2014. It is located in Blackstone. It is quite experienced in coffee. The place has a stylish design. It carefully selects quality and organic coffee beans. It takes pride in establishing friendly relations with the farmers.

This cafe has standard coffees, teas, and hot drinks. It also offers special espresso-based drinks. It is the address where traditional old-style coffees meet with modern design.

There are different subscription options for those who like to discover new coffee. You can subscribe to experience coffee once a month or every two weeks.

6- Dundee Double Shot Coffee

Dundee Double Shot is an artisan coffee shop serving coffees and homemade pastries. Locals and guests love this place.

The place has a warm and friendly atmosphere. Free wifi service is available. You can find something to eat for breakfast, brunch, and lunch every day.

In addition to more than 32 types of coffee, it sells many beverages such as teas, specialty kinds of milk, chillers, and flavored lattes. Smoothies are prepared without sugar, hot or cold. The menu includes fresh food and drinks.

7- Urban Abbey

Urban Abbey isn’t just one of those coffee shops Omaha . It is also a bookstore, gift shop, and church. It is a common space that serves all of them.

The venue is non-profit. It is a shop that believes in the community and aims to make the world better. It has friendly employees. It offers locally roasted coffees and light snacks.

8- A Hill of Beans Coffee Roasters

A Hill of Beans Coffee Roasters is a local coffee specialist. It roasts coffee beans by hand. It selects and buys coffees from other countries according to the season. It packs itself after roasting. It distributes coffees to other businesses.

It also sells roasted coffees in its cafe. It brews various types of coffee with different techniques. It offers delicious drinks. There are many options such as Americano, latte, cappuccino, hot and cold brews.

9- Karma Koffee LLC

Karma Koffee was founded in 2014 in Pepperwood Village. It is an example of the artist spirit of coffee shops Omaha . Because it makes artistic coffees.

The venue has comfortable seating and free internet. It serves drinks, breakfast, brunch, and lunch every day. Its menu includes a variety of coffee drinks, tea bags, juices, soups, sandwiches, salads, sweet treats, and pastries.

coffee-shops-omaha10- Rally Coffee Co.

Rally Coffee is one of the coffee shops Omaha located in the NoDo neighborhood. If you happen to be in the north of the city center, you should try this place.

The venue has a stylish and modern design. It is 1200 square meters in size. In addition to serving freshly roasted coffees, it sells retail.

It sells specialty coffee drinks according to the season. There are many options, from standard coffees to special flavors. Except for coffee, hot chocolate, juices, and teas are available. It offers fresh pastries and appetizers.

11- Amateur Coffee

Amateur is a vegan coffee shop and convent. However, even non-vegans prefer this place. It has the highest rating among coffee shops Omaha .

Coffee lovers with sugar and milk should try it. It works wonders with unreal milk like oat or almond milk. With every sip, you feel that the coffees are made with love.

There is care and love in every step. Don’t be deceived by the name amateur. It looks quite professional with hand-roasted fresh coffees and packages decorated with pencil drawings.

12- Howlin’ Hounds Coffee

Its former name is Diamond Bar. It has very different decor from other coffee shops Omaha . It has a tin ceiling, a central bench, and stools. It has a very inviting and friendly ambiance.

It offers many options from standard coffees to specialty sips. In addition to coffee, there are teas, juices, and carbonated drinks.

Fresh appetizers and pastries are served along with great drinks. Various events are held here frequently. It is also a dog-friendly shop.

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