4 Best Protein Powder Cake Mug


Delicious protein powder cake mug is the leading desserts that whet the appetite. However, many people avoid consuming mug cakes because they think they are high in calories. It is possible to make very healthy and delicious mug cakes by adding only protein powder. And also low calorie protein mug cakes! The amount of calories of cakes and how healthy they are determined by the ingredients you add. You can make maximum healthy and soft cakes with materials that you have easy access to.

1 – Protein Powder Cake Mug Recipe

Making protein powder cake mug is quite simple and practical. In fact, the only difference between making a large cake is that you bake it by distributing it to small mugs. Many recipes are available for healthy protein mug cakes. But the main point is to increase the protein value as much as possible. Using ingredients such as eggs and oats containing protein in your recipe allows you to get a healthier cake. Here is a simple protein mug cake recipe for you:

Ingredients of the Protein Powder Cake Mug

For preparing protein powder cake mug Half a cup of 1st phorm protein, 1 cup of milk, 1 pack of baking soda, 2 cups of oatmeal flour and grater of 2 orange peels for aroma.


  • First mix other dry ingredients other than flour and protein powder.
  • Then add the milk.
  • Meanwhile, heat your oven according to your cooking method or boil water in the pot to steam.
  • Add flour and protein powder to the cake dough. After each glass of flour, you can gradually add protein powder.
  • Bake in the preheated oven at 170 degrees for 20-25 minutes. If you are cooking in a saucepan, check if it is cooked with the help of a knife.

2 – Vegan Protein Powder Cake Mug

To prepare vegan protein mug cakes, it is enough to replace the above-mentioned ingredients with vegan yields. You can use egg substitute (vegan) or apple cider vinegar and carbonate instead of eggs. Today, many products have vegan versions, and protein mug cakes are one of them. You can add vegan protein powders to your cake by purchasing them.

3 – Chocolate Protein Powder Cake Mug

When making the best protein mug cake with chocolate, you can use organic cocoa to increase the protein content. You can also use dark chocolate for a lower calorie cake. You can decorate chocolate chips containing protein powder by adding them to the top of your cake. Or you can add the chocolate to the cake to get a more thick cake.

4 – Vanilla Protein Mug Cake

When making protein powder cake mug with vanilla, you can use vanilla protein powder to provide a more intense vanilla taste. Or you can use an ordinary protein powder and add vanilla extract to your cake. You can make a healthy cake by increasing the protein content of vanilla cake, which is one of the most frequently consumed types of cakes.

Bonus : Is Protein Powder Healthy?

Protein powders do not pose any health hazards. However, if you have a problem with sugar content, such as diabetes, it is worth being selective when using protein powder. Thanks to the vegan protein powders that have been popular recently, extra protein supplementation has become accessible to everyone. You can bring healthy life to taste by adding protein powders to your drinks and cakes.

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