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Can I Put Kefir in Coffee?

Can I Put Kefir in Coffee?
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Putting kefir in coffee is an option that could sound more pleasant at first. Kefir and coffee are undoubtedly not great options for many people. But we wouldn’t be wrong if we said that this mixture has significant health effects. In particular, kefir, which contains beneficial bacteria for gut health, can significantly benefit the human body when combined with coffee.

Putting kefir in coffee is ideal for the immune system and improves the digestion system and natural energy. We wanted to compile for you what you need to know about coffee and kefir smoothie, one of the most trendy mixes of the last period.

What Are the Benefits of Kefir?

Putting kefir in coffee has been one of the most frequently applied viral techniques for human health in recent times. Regularly consumed kefir and coffee mixture will positively affect your health in many ways, especially the immune system. Before giving information about kefir in coffee mix, let’s take a look at the main benefits of kefir:

  • It has been scientifically proven that kefir significantly strengthens memory.
  • Kefir, which is rich in vitamin B12, may also contain other B-group vitamins.
  • Kefir is also very high in calcium.
  • People who want to lose weight can add kefir to their diet list. In fact, a mixture of kefir and coffee is a drink that should be consumed every morning by people who want to lose weight.
  • To have healthier hair and skin, you can choose kefir, which is rich in biotin.
  • Kefir, which is a protective shield against cardiovascular diseases, also prevents bad cholesterol.
  • It is also a good drink for eczema, gallbladder diseases, and various kidney diseases.
  • It also plays a vital role in regulating the digestive system. You can prefer kefir, especially for the intestinal flora, to be healthy.
  • You can also prefer kefir for a natural solution to problems such as loss of appetite, insomnia and fatigue.


Can You Put Kefir in Coffee?

We can answer the question “Can you put kefir in your coffee” as “why not.” Drinking coffee with kefir ideas has become a viral recipe, especially on social media channels such as TikTok and Instagram. You must have encountered viral videos where coco cola and milk mixtures are made before. Putting kefir in coffee videos has replaced cola and milk videos lately.

Kefir is a fermented beverage rich in good bacteria and yeast. Kefir grains can act as probiotic supplements and also offer a boost immunity effect.

Combining coffee and kefir is also recommended to increase the probiotic rate and obtain energy. The mixture of brewed coffee and kefir, which is among the bulletproof coffee recipes, is also defined as an ideal drink to consume at the beginning of the day.

Does Coffee Kill Probiotics in Yogurt?

One of the most frequently asked questions about the combination of putting kefir and coffee is the effect of coffee on probiotics. Drinks containing caffeine, such as tea or coffee, are claimed to kill beneficial bacteria in yogurt and kefir. However, when we look at the sample studies in this field, we can see that coffee has little effect. On the contrary, thanks to the probiotics in tea and coffee, putting kefir in the coffee mixture can become healthier.

Putting Kefir in Coffee Recipes

Making coffee recipes for putting kefir is also very simple. Just like the bulletproof coffee recipe made with butter, it will be sufficient to adjust the ratio of the ingredients in the coffee and kefir mixture. In such recipes, it is usually enough to brew the coffee in a french press or directly in a filter coffee machine. You can put one shot of kefir in 13-15 grams of finely ground coffee. It will also be a better choice to take care that the kefir you will use in the coffee recipe of putting kefir is plain without aroma.

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