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Things to Know About Muldoon’s Coffee Singles

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Muldoon’s Coffee Singles is a family business founded in 1972 and has become one of the most popular coffee producers. Jim Muldoon Sr., founded by, continues to produce quality coffee from Arabica beans in Toronto, Canada. Muldoon’s can produce its own craft coffee using traditional artesian roasting techniques, especially Colombian singles.

It can trade coffee from Canada to the world with Muldoon’s Coffee Singles, whole coffee beans and ground coffee varieties. Let’s take a closer look at the coffee varieties produced by the company.

Assortment of Muldoon’s Coffee Singles

Muldoon’s coffee produces Brazilian and Guatemalan coffees, especially Columbian singles varieties. The company, which produces Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade Organic Certified coffees, uses 100% premium Arabica beans. Muldoon’s, which has its own unique coffee varieties, is also among the first in the world in boutique coffee production.

Here are the leading coffee varieties in Muldoon’s Coffee Singles classification:

1- Swiss Water Decaf Fairtrade Singles

We first take a look at Muldoon’s Coffee Singles with Swiss Water, produced as decaf. This medium roast coffee offers an ideal coffee pleasure for those who do not prefer caffeine. Swiss Water, which is 100% organic, is produced and released to the market with a zero waste policy. Those who want to experience delicious and caffeine-free coffee can prefer this unique coffee blend of Muldoon’s Coffee.

2- Scottish Maple Shortbread Singles

Those who prefer coffee varieties with a unique aroma may like the Scottish Maple product from Muldoon’s Coffee Singles. This coffee production, which has a sweet aroma, will warm you up, especially in the winter. Scottish Maple Shortbread Singles is one of the most special coffee blends produced by the company.

3- Donut Shop Blend Singles

Donut Shop Blend Singles, which is among the best selling products, is a special product that appeals to people who like sweet coffee aromas. This type of coffee, which is light and mellow roasting, can create the feeling of eating a dessert while drinking coffee. Donut Shop Blend, which is the first choice of flavored coffee lovers, is also considered one of the most special coffee recipes produced by the company.

Muldoon’s Coffee Singles

4- Costa Rican Tarrazu Singles

When it comes to coffee beans, the first region that comes to mind is the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica. Tarrazu is in a leading position in coffee bean production due to its rainy climate. Tarazzu, the region where Costa Rica’s medium roast coffees are produced, is also at the top of the list of coffee lovers.

Costa Rican Tarrazu Singles, which is among the best selling products, is also one of the first products that come to mind when Mudoon’s is mentioned.

5- Hazelnut Café Blend Singles

This product, which is specially produced for those who love hazelnut flavored coffee, is also among the best selling products. The company also produces 100% organic hazelnuts and the coffee beans it grows on its coffee farm. Muldoon’s has an organic inscription in each coffee variety and has an environmentally friendly approach in all production areas.

6- Muldoon’s Coffee Singles: Gingerbread Latte Singles

While drinking coffee with gingerbread latte flavored filter coffee, you can experience the feeling of having eaten sweet at the same time. The Gingerbread Latte Singles, one of the sweet-flavored coffee varieties, is one of the most special productions of Muldoon’s Coffee. This formula, produced for people bored with the ordinary coffee aroma, is especially preferred in the winter.


7- Colombian Fairtrade Singles

This filter coffee, prepared for Colombian coffee lovers, is a flavor loved by everyone with its aromatic structure and exotic taste. Prepared from Colombia’s specially produced coffee beans, Colombian Fairtrade Singles appeals to those who love medium roast coffee.

Muldoon’s Coffee Singles has been producing the most beautiful and quality coffee beans since the 1970s. The company, serving in this field for many years, draws attention with its special products and classic coffee varieties. Muldoon’s Coffee, which takes its flavor from Colombian ladies’ labor, also offers discounted deals such as order 12 boxes.

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