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The Best Cranberry Mojito Recipe in 5 Minutes

The Best Cranberry Mojito Recipe in 5 Minutes
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Cranberry Mojito is a delicious cocktail that you can prepare at home in just 5 minutes. You can serve this cocktail, prepared both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, at private house parties. You can have a pleasant time with your friends by preparing mojito punches at house parties. In this article, we wanted to share with you how to make a cranberry mojito and what its ingredients are.

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What are the Ingredients of Cranberry Mojito?


Cranberry mojito with vodka or rum is one of my favorite party drinks. You can try this recipe at house parties, especially during the holidays. Cranberry mojito mocktail is also an ideal flavor for those who do not like alcohol. You can prepare both alcoholic and virgin mojitos with cranberry at home with the materials we have given below.

  • Cranberry syrup or fresh cranberry juice
  • Soda
  • Lime juice
  • Rum or vodka
  • Honey
  • Fresh mint leaves
  • Ice

The above ingredients are also valid for the virgin cranberry mojito recipe. You can also prepare non-alcoholic cocktails without using vodka or rum options from the ingredients.

Cranberry Mojito with Cranberry Preparation

Making a mojito for your party is an action that will only take you 5 minutes. For this, it will be enough to follow the steps that we will share with you. First of all, you need to mix all the liquid ingredients with the help of a shaker. You can also add ice, honey and fresh mint leave to this mixture later.

If you want to prepare a non-alcoholic cocktail, it will be sufficient to remove alcohols such as vodka and rum from the ingredients. You can also try different flavors such as cranberry coconut mojito. For this, you can add coconut syrup or coconut juice to the mixture you have prepared. You can also try the same recipe as a blueberry mojito and use blueberry juice or blueberry syrup.

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