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The Best 3 Cold Stone Smoothies You Can Ever Taste

The Best 3 Cold Stone Smoothies You Can Ever Taste
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Have you ever heard about Cold Stone smoothies? If you haven’t tried one before, you have missed a lot. One thing is for sure that you must be ready to get the most delicious smoothies you will ever have. Cold Stone smoothies are made of real fruit and fruit juices. Their smoothies are best for people who have active lifestyles.

Are Cold Stone Smoothies Healthy ?

Especially on hot summer days, you may need to have a cold smoothie every day, even more than one. The smoothies can include anything you want. So, you can make it as healthy as you want. You can add fruits or vegetables, protein powder, nut butter, seeds, or whole grains. You can make your smoothie dairy-free or vegan. Let’s see cold stone smoothies review and look at the best 3 Cold Stone smoothies.

1- Man-Go Banana Sinless : Are Cold Stone Smoothies Vegan Or are Cold Stone Smoothies Dairy-Free ?

If you are looking for sinless Cold Stone smoothies Man-Go Banana Sinless is one of the best. It is only 212 calories per serving, and it is full of nutrition. It has a wonderful taste with mango and banana. You can feel the taste of the fruit. And one more good news is that it is a hundred percent vegan and dairy-free.

2- Cold Stone Creamery Lifestyle Smoothie Mix : Are Cold Stone Smoothies Calories Too Much?

Cold Stone is very transparent about the calories of its Cold beverages like Chai Tea Latte with Pumpkin Cold Foam. You can see the calories of all the goods on their official website. The one which has the highest calorie is Mango Pineapple Smoothie. And the ones which have the lowest calorie are blueberry banana smoothie and strawberry banana smoothie.


3- Pineapple Blueberry : The One with the Best Cold Stone Smoothie Reviews

Some may disagree, but one of the most popular Cold smoothies is Pineapple Blueberry. They say it is very smooth and tasty. Some people say that they feel like they are addicted to the smoothies. Why not? Maybe it is as good as it is said. You should try it.

How Much is Cold Stone Smoothie Prices?

The prices of smoothies are between 5 dollars to 5.75. Not much for a tasty drink. To sum up, Cold Stone smoothies deserve a chance to be tasted. They are one of the best smoothies you can ever try. Some even say that they taste like heaven. Today make yourself a favor and go to Cold Stone Creamery to try at least one of the smoothies.

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