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Instant Coffee Espresso Recipe in 2 Steps?

Instant Coffee Espresso Recipe in 2 Steps?
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You will bring home the taste of your favorite coffee shop with the espresso recipe. You can master an espresso after just a few tries. If you start the day without a coffee drink, this article is for you.

There are many types of espresso drinks. The most popular are Cappuccino, Americano, Latte, and Mocha. For example, before you try an Americano recipe, you should know how to make espresso. Are you searching for easy espresso recipes at home? If you don’t have a machine, you can use ground coffee beans for instant preparation. Here is the easy coffe recipe.

Instant Coffee Espresso Recipe in 2 Steps?

Espresso drink recipes are varied. You can change the drink made by making additions to an espresso recipe. You can create your espresso by adding chocolate syrup, milk, whipped cream to shot espresso.

Would you like a hot foamy coffee or an iced one? Prepare and customize your espresso in just two steps. Let’s make the espresso coffee recipe.

1- Ingredients For The Espresso Recipe

  • half a teaspoon of instant coffee (can be increased)
  • half a cup of milk
  • half a cup of water
  • sugar (optional)


2- Preparation of Espresso Recipe

  1. First, add coffee alone or coffee and sugar to a cup.
  2. Pour a few drops of water on it.
  3. Mix it well until it has a paste-like consistency. It will get the right consistency when its color turns white.
  4. Boil the water and milk. Those who like coffee without milk can use a cup of water. After boiling, pour it into the cup from a little high.

You can also pour some steamed milk in the espresso shot, like some cafe. For a double shot espresso, the rates should be doubled. Your brewed coffee is ready. Now, take a sip of your perfect espresso and enjoy.

This recipe is easy and quick. However, those who have espresso machines are more fortunate. Delicious coffees can be prepared with a french press instead of a machine. Try new recipes with different brewing methods and flavors and discover the best.

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