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How to Make Whipped Coffee Starbucks Recipe at Home?

How to Make Whipped Coffee Starbucks Recipe at Home?
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Have you ever tried whipped coffee Starbucks ? Would you prefer Starbucks or trying Starbucks recipes at home? Do you like Starbucks’ Whipped or also known as Dalgona Coffee? Does Starbucks sell whipped coffee ? These are all the questions that have a common answer “YES!”.

You can find delicious coffees at Starbucks, but making coffee recipes at home is cheaper than buying. So, thanks to our search for the best-whipped coffee recipe, you will have the best joy of drinking coffee.

Shall We Prepare Whipped Coffee Starbucks at Home?

Recently, on some social media accounts like Instagram and TikTok and in the internet websites, most people have been sharing their own recipe of ground whipped coffee Starbucks as a viral. It has been so popular so far among people.

Mr. Jung, who is a person from South Korea who tried the recipe on a popular television show, was surprised when the dalgona coffee became so popular on social media. He didn’t expect the coffee would be famous in the World. Then, are you ready for the recipe? What are the ingredients to make whipped coffee Starbucks?

1. What are the Ingredients to Make Whipped Coffee Starbucks?


Known as Whipped coffee Starbucks and Starbucks dalgona whipped coffee, is made by whipping instant coffee adding some sugar and water. As a result, on the top, there is a frothy foam on the coffee. Then, does Starbucks make dalgona coffee ? What is dalgona coffee recipe? we share the recipe dalgona coffee below.

Dalgona coffee starbucks recipe ;


Combine the ingredients together.

  • 2 tablespoons granulated Starbucks instant coffee,
  • ½ tablespoon sugar, ( If you lie sweeter, you can add more. also you can use coconut sugar or monk fruit sweetener.)
  • 2 tablespoons hot water.
  • A glass of milk. (You can use any kind of milk like almond milk.)

How to prepare:

  • Firstly, combine 2 tablespoons of instant coffee, sugar water in a bowl.
  • Then, you should whip by hand mixer or with an electric mixer for about 5 minutes.
  • Next, go on mixing until it gets a form of a foamy cream.
  • Later, pour the hot milk into a glass. ( You can also use iced milk filled with ice as an iced coffee.)
  • Finally put the fluffy whipped cream mixture on the milk.

The coffee drink is ready. Enjoy your coffee recipe dalgona.

2. What are the Hints to Make Whipped Coffee Starbucks?


Popular whipped coffee Starbucks is the most commonly being tried recipe all over the World. The name actually comes from a Korean candy dalgona, it gives a delicious sense. More, adding some spices like vanilla or pumpkin cinnamon helps you to have more fluffy foam for your coffee. Can you order whipped coffee at Starbucks ? With the help of these hints, it is easy to order your coffee. Also, if you don’t like sugar, you do not need to at sugar or order your dalgona coffee sugar-free at Starbucks.

3. Which Coffee Blend You Need to Make Whipped Coffee Starbucks?


To prepare whipped coffee Starbucks, instant coffee will give you the most delicious result. So, can you order dalgona coffee at Starbucks ? You can choose espresso for your whipped coffee. If you don’t have instant coffee, you can also use freshly brewed espresso or instant espresso powder. You can apply the same measures to prepare your coffee, you don’t need to change it.

4. Do You Know to Order Whipped Coffee at Starbucks?


During whipped coffee Starbucks orders, you should be aware of some steps like cravings, size, flavor, and liquid base. How to order dalgona coffee at Starbucks? You can order your coffee with instant coffee or espresso as you wish. In addition, you can prefer Starbucks Whipped Coffee Cream in your recipe too.

How to Make Whipped Coffee Starbucks Recipe at Home?

Whipped coffee Starbucks is also named “quarantine coffee” became very popular during coronavirus pandemic times. People were trying new recipes at home especially in the field of bread and coffee. The Korean Coffee dalgona was the most popular one which was tried at home. It is so delicious that it has become viral on social media. Do not forget to try the recipe we have prepared for you. Have a fantastic experience!


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